Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artist of the Month - July 2017

Patricia McFarland was born in Virginia and raised in Rapid City, and in her early twenties was raising her first three children on the McFarland ranch on Elk Creek, east of Piedmont.  Her artistic ability was obvious even when she was quite young and she began experimenting with pencil sketches and colored pencil drawings.  Eventually she started working with watercolors, and then oils, painting a variety of subjects.

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson
  • Assistant Library Director, Technical Services: Valerie Martin
  • Children's Librarian: Kathy
  • Adult Services Librarian: Charlie
  • Circulation Librarian: Toni
  • Library Assistant: Leah and Merman

Board of Trustees

  • President: Lance Scherer
  • Vice President: Bruce McFarland
  • Treasurer: Cathie Anderson
  • Member at Large: Terry Hermann
  • City Council Rep: David Martinson
  • Meade County Rep: Kristi Palmer
  • Member at Large: Bob Mechling
  • Board Secretary, Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson

Union Center "Branch" Library

Union Center "Branch" Library
16948 SD Highway 34
Union Center 57787

(605) 985-5591