Internet Safety

Navigate to legitimate, trustworthy websites.  Type the company's full website address (URL) directly into the address bar.  Don't rely on internet searches or quick links to get to websites.  Only access reputable websites.

Sign out of your accounts.  Don't simply close the web browser.  You could still be logged into email, Facebook, or other accounts.

Never say your password out loud.  Never tell anyone your password.  Never give out your password via email or messaging.

Never click on advertising.  Only click on links that you trust.

Don't reply to emails or messages from unknown people or email addresses.

Report suspicious emails and scams to your Internet or wireless service provider.

Report cyber bullying or criminal activity to law enforcement. 

Embrace civility on the internet.  Don't engage in negative or harmful interactions.

Report identity theft at

Mission Statement

The Sturgis Public Library provides materials, information, programs, services, and access to technology contributing to the life-long learning and personal enrichment of community members.

Vision Statement

The Sturgis Public Library strives to be an anchor in the community that empowers and engages individuals.

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson
  • Assistant Library Director: Valerie Martin
  • Children's Librarian: Kathy
  • Adult Outreach & Programming Librarian: Lee
  • Circulation Librarian: Toni
  • Library Assistant: Leah and Merman

Board of Trustees

  • President: Lance Scherer
  • Vice President: Bruce McFarland
  • Treasurer: Cathie Anderson
  • Member at Large: Terry Hermann
  • City Council Rep: David Martinson
  • Meade County Rep: Kristi Palmer
  • Board Secretary, Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson

Union Center "Branch" Library

Union Center "Branch" Library
16948 SD Highway 34
Union Center 57787
(605) 985-5591