Mission Statement

The Sturgis Public Library provides materials, information, programs, services, and access to technology contributing to the life-long learning and personal enrichment of community members.

Vision Statement

The Sturgis Public Library strives to be an anchor in the community that empowers and engages individuals.

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Christopher Hahn
  • Assistant Library Director: Donia Sichler
  • Youth & Adult Services; Programming: Sierra Frazier-Riggs
  • Circulation Librarian: Kathy Dykstra
  • Librarian & Archivist: Lee Stroschine
  • Library Assistant: Merman Cooper

Board of Trustees

  • President: Terry Hermann
  • Vice President: Kristi Palmer
  • Treasurer: Cathie Anderson
  • Meade County Rep: Lance Scherer
  • City Council Rep: Dean Sigman
  • Kelly Magdanz
  • Kristin Meunier
  • Board Secretary, Library Director: Christopher Hahn

Union Center "Branch" Library

Union Center "Branch" Library
16948 SD Highway 34
Union Center 57787
(605) 985-5591