Thursday, August 18, 2016

MakerSpace Monday is Coming - Call for Supplies!

The Sturgis Public Library will be adding a MakerSpace Monday to its regular programming starting in September.

We are looking for the following crafting supplies in good condition: buttons, nuts, washers, pop tabs, ribbon, beads, wire, cord, fabric, feathers, felt, key rings, Altoid tins, Sucrets tins, magnets, hot glue guns, smaller pieces of reclaimed wood, Sharpies, Dominoes pieces, Scrabble pieces, lettering stencils, wire cutters, bead crimpers, small mirrors, K-Cups, styrofoam balls, styrofoam cups, yarn, embroidery floss, scrapbook paper, wine corks, maps.

Any donated items will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Artist of the Month - August 2016

Jody Wyse, a Sturgis resident, has his artwork displayed
throughout the world. He specializes in free-hand
sketches in pencil with exceptional detail.

Library Staff

  • Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson
  • Assistant Library Director, Technical Services: Valerie Martin
  • Children's Librarian: Kathy
  • Adult Services Librarian: Charlie
  • Circulation Librarian: Toni
  • Library Assistant: Leah and Merman

Board of Trustees

  • President: Bruce McFarland
  • Vice President: Terry Hermann
  • Treasurer: Cathie Anderson
  • City Council Rep: Rod Bradley
  • Meade County Rep: Lance Scherer
  • Meade County Rep: Kristi Palmer
  • Sturgis City Rep: Bob Mechling
  • Board Secretary, Library Director: Julie Moore Peterson

Union Center "Branch" Library

Union Center "Branch" Library
16948 SD Highway 34
Union Center 57787

(605) 985-5591